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Lake Management Plans – Grants and Steps in their Creation.

A crucial step in maintaining or improving the quality of Wisconsin lakes, especially those with heavy development pressure or high nutrient inputs, is the creation of a lake management plan.  These many-faceted plans vary with the issues facing each lake.  … Continue reading

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2013 Lakes Convention Recap

Hundreds of brave lake lovers trekked to Green Bay in early April to share their successes and learn from one another at the 35th annual Wisconsin Lakes Partnership Convention. This year’s event featured a couple of new tweaks meant to … Continue reading

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Decontamination Team: Working to prevent the spread of Invasives.

Here in Wisconsin, we have a well-established set of effective prevention steps to stop the spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS): 1.) Inspect boats, trailers, and equipment; 2.) Remove all attached aquatic plants and animals; 3.) Drain all water from … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name?

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources tracks on its lake pages ( some 15,000 plus lakes, ponds, reservoirs, flowages, impoundments, et cetera.  Among these numerous water bodies are a plethora of names.  Often these names are tantalizing (Mystic Lake).  Others … Continue reading

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