NR 40 New Species Consideration – Submit Your Recommendations Now!

The Wisconsin Invasive Species Council is currently taking recommendations for species to be considered for potential regulation under Wisconsin’s invasive species rule, ch. NR 40.  Chapter NR 40 first went into effect in 2009, and was last revised in 2015.  More information on this rule can be found here.  Efforts are currently underway to compile new potentially invasive species to assess, establish species assessment groups (SAGs) to review these species for potential regulation, and ultimately revise the existing ch. NR 40 rule based on the recommendations of the SAGs and Wisconsin Invasive Species Council.

Please fill out this survey link if you have any species nominations to consider for regulation under the revised ch. NR 40 rule.  Note that many invasive species are already regulated under NR 40, so check the current list of regulated species to see if your suggestion is already listed.  In addition to new species to consider, you can also nominate a species for re-assessment (i.e., moving from prohibited to restricted; or restricted to non regulated), or make any other suggested changes to the rule.

The deadline for submitting species nominations or suggesting other changes to the rule is midnight on Friday, January 4, 2019.

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