Lakes and Rivers Grant Story Map

Ever wonder where DNR grants go? Wonder no longer! Ben Kort (GIS Specialist) and Ali Mikulyuk (Statewide Rivers, Lakes Grant Coordinator), of the Water Quality Program’s Lakes and Rivers Section, recently finished an online story map to provide detailed information to the public on the state’s Rivers and Lakes Grant Program. This story map tool is an interactive tool created with ArcGIS Online that displays projects funded by the department’s Surface Water Grant program in 2018. This story map is a great way for people to learn about projects funded statewide that protect and/or improve their favorite lake or river.

There are 211 projects located in 62 Wisconsin counties depicted on the map, representing $6.2 million dollars in local or regional funding to improve water quality, reduce runoff, create aquatic habitat, and target aquatic invasive species. This new interactive map, provides a visual representation of the work funded by the program’s grant dollars. You can filter the map by grant type, county, and legislative area and find information about the department’s grant funding programs and supported projects.

Explore the story map and learn more about the Surface Water Grants Program.

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