What’s NEW with the DNR Lakes Webpages?

Some exciting changes are coming to the DNR Lake Pages!  The DNR lakes Information Technology team has been busy developing new tools for you to use.  These tools are meant to help you easily navigate the Lakes Pages and SWIMS and learn about your favorite lakes.  Take a look below to learn more about the new features:

Mobile-Friendly Lake Pages

Now you can easily access the DNR Lake Pages from your smartphone or tablet computer!  Redesigned mobile-friendly Lake Pages load more quickly and are easier to read on mobile devices.  You even have the ability to use your smartphone’s location to find the nearest lake.  Go to http://dnr.wi.gov/lakes on your smartphone and click “Find a Lake” to start exploring!  Of course, they are available on a regular computer too.

SWIMS Data Entry from Lake Pages

Entering your data into SWIMS just got a lot easier!  The redesigned SWIMS data entry pages link directly from the DNR Lake Pages at http://dnr.wi.gov/lakes (click “Log In” on the lower right).  When you sign into SWIMS from the Lake Pages, you’ll find a redesigned homepage listing all of your projects and project descriptions.  You can enter data on simplified data entry screens that link from each project.  Also included are friendly, updated help pages to answer your questions.


Be sure to check out these new features on the Lake Pages!  If you have questions or comments, please contact dnrlakeb@wisconsin.gov.

 Entry written by Elizabeth Haber
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