Pro angler Joe Bucher and Wisconsin Foodie chef Kyle Cherek lend their voices to Wisconsin DNR’s Drain Campaign

MADISON – Pro angler Joe Bucher and Wisconsin Foodie (both links exit DNR) chef and host Kyle Cherek are teaming up with the state to help raise awareness among anglers of key steps they must take to avoid spreading invasive species to more lakes and rivers.

The two TV personalities are part of a new campaign being launched by the Department of Natural Resources and partners to get more anglers to drain water from their live wells and buckets holding their day’s catch before they leave the shore or the boat landing. Microscopic invasive species like spiny water fleas and zebra mussel larvae may be in the water and hitch a ride to the next lake.

Bucher and Cherek are featured in radio advertisements that air statewide this month to remind anglers of these steps to drain water and to encourage them to put their fish on ice as a way to keep the fish fresh and avoid problems with water-borne invasives.

Also as part of the campaign, DNR staff and volunteers will be handing out ice packs at boat landings on June 15-16 as part of a statewide effort and partnering bait shops and convenience stores will have reminders on the bait coolers for anglers who want to pick up extra.

DNR Warden Matt Groppi

 “Using ice isn’t required by law, but it’s a great way to keep fish fresh and avoid problems with forgetting to drain water from your catch,” says Bob Wakeman, who coordinates aquatic invasive species efforts for DNR. “We’re glad to have Joe and Kyle help us get out the message on what to do and why it’s important.”

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Entry written by Deborah Seiler
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