2012 Mills Fleet Farm Kid’s Fishing Day

2012 Fleet Farm Attendees

More than two dozen volunteers and natural resources professionals across Wisconsin and Minnesota took part in Mills Fleet Farm Kid’s Fishing Day on Saturday, July 14th to educate youth about aquatic invasive species. In addition to learning how to fish, kid’s learned how to identify and prevent the spread of aquatic invasives in Wisconsin while fishing their favorite waters.  Each store had a station devoted to aquatic invasives species complete with specimens, bobbers, information and Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers tattoos.  Although families were the primary audience, the Mills Fleet Farm staff was also lured to the aquatic invasives station to learn how they could join the fight against invasive species. After visiting each station the young anglers were rewarded with a bag filled with fishing fun. Thanks to everyone’s efforts the AIS message was shared with more than 700 young anglers and 500 adults.

 (Blog post written by Christal Campbell)
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