Fishing License Sales Help in Fight against Aquatic Invasive Species

With fishing opening day little more than a week away, fishing license sales are taking off. This year, when fishermen and women purchase their fishing licenses, they have a chance to donate $2 to help support research and control of aquatic invasive species.

AIS Checkoff Poster 2012 Final

The money donated will go to a DNR fund used to pay for staff hours, travel, and supplies for research on invasive species control and prevention.  Some of the money is available as grants for outside agencies to fund research and control efforts for invasive species.

In the past five years, this fund has paid for projects on waterbodies in over 30 counties in Wisconsin.  DNR has used the revenue from these donations to evaluate control practices for Eurasian watermilfoil over many years, compare herbicide use and mechanical harvesting against invasive plants, and predict which lakes are the most susceptible to certain invasive species.  University researchers were awarded a grant to test how long invasive plants and animals survive out of the water to provide guidelines to boaters and anglers moving equipment between lakes and rivers.

The lessons learned from these projects benefit all Wisconsin waters as invasive species control techniques are improved and efforts to prevent movement of invasive species are enhanced.

When you purchase your fishing license this year, please consider making a donation.  Two dollars is a small contribution, but all the donations really add up to make a big difference for Wisconsin lakes.

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