An Inquiry from Gertrud Nurnberg, Ontario: Artificial Lakes

From Gertud:  I am interested in the soft and hard literature (reports and peer-reviewed journal articles) about artificial lakes. In particular their:

– Maintenance

– Operation and Management

– Related experience in water quality (Cyanobacterial blooms, chlorophyll, Secchi disk depth, phosphorus, nitrogen)

Envisioned is a large (10 ha = 24 acre) lake that 1. does not have any natural bottom sediments (but "inert" sand), 2. has no natural in- and outflow (except precipitation) 3. has a management regime that can recycle and "purify" its water in a chemical and mechanical process (provision of any experience appreciated)

Any information, even just contacts to managers of such artificial lakes is appreciated. (Reports are welcome in English, German and French)

Gertrud Nurnberg, Ph.D.

Freshwater Research

3421 HWY #117, RR 1

Baysville, Ontario, P0B 1A0


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