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The Secchi Dip-In on Facebook

From time to time I receive requests for photos of a Secchi disk or of volunteers who participate in the Secchi Dip-In.  Although the existing Dip-In website has some photos and information ( , I’ve decided to make the photos more accessible by setting up a fan site on Facebook.  I don’t want the site to be solely for my photos; anyone can add their own volunteer monitoring photos.  My hope is to produce a library of photos that we can all draw upon for reports or websites (with appropriate attribution).  Right now there are four albums; images of Secchi disks, Turbidity Tubes, Dip-In Participants, and Dip-In sites.  As I say, you are welcome to contribute or comment.  Let me know if you have suggestions for new albums.

The site also has the potential to set up discussions on various monitoring topics.  Its use will probably be dictated by the interests of our “fans.”  We’ll see how it turns out.
So, you are welcome to visit the site on Facebook, and if you “like” it, you receive updates on your own pages as photos and comments are added. 

And lastly, since I have now retired from Kent State, I’m moving the website to a new server maintained by Davey Environmental Services.  This move necessitates a change in the web URL.  The old address will still work, but will redirect you to our new address at  The move will take place “soon,” but for now most of the pages are still accessed at  I’ll write more about the new site when the move is complete. 
Comments about the Facebook page and the new website are always welcome.

Bob Carlson

Secchi Dip-In Coordinator


Phone:  (330) 673-9459

Mobile:  (330) 221-3746

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