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Looking for a Lake Plan Implementation coodinator. please contact this email address about this Job.

Project Title – Lake Puckaway  Management  Implementation

Position Title – Lake Plan Implementation Coordinator, 3 year

Sponsor –  Lake Puckaway Protection & Rehab District

This is roughly a ½ time position (20 hrs/week) and is seasonally flexible regarding number of hours/week. LPPRD will contract directly with the individual or organization selected, at a rate of $20.00/hr. Fringe benefits are not available through this position.


The primary job responsibility of this position is to enable efficient implementation of the lake plan. Technical skills required for implementation should reflect the objectives proposed within the project. The plans objectives include:


1.  Improve aquatic plant condition, water clarity, and fish, wildlife, and especially tern habitat.


2.      Assist navigational strategy while protecting habitat


3.       Improve habitat for endangered, threatened and species of concern species and maintain biodiversity, especially Forster’s Tern.


4.      Establish the efficacy of  improvement  strategies


5.      Appraise sub-watershed hydrology/sediment/nutrients at level of modeling (versus intensive monitoring)


6.      Improve community awareness of shallow water management tools, ecology, the adopted lake plan, proposed strategies and expected outcomes.


7.      Improve operational capacity and safety of the water control structure know as the Princeton Dam


8.      Improve understanding of water level fluctuations.  Precipitation  events vs dam  manipulation 


9.      Improve the understanding of carp population behavior.

                10. Demonstrate shore restorations for water quality, wildlife

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