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A short note to alert waterfront property owners to take an step to help protect their property and fish habitat.

Lake pier owners are encouraged to measure their piers and go through a free, one-time registration process that will grandfather in their pier if it exceeds current size limits codified in a 2008 law.

There’s a wrong way to measure your pier, (as we learned while filming this how-to video. Luckily, the young woman was not hurt.)


And there is a right way.


Pier owners have until April 1, 2011, to complete the registration. The good news is the vast majority of pier owners won’t have to register because their pier meets the size limits. For those with larger piers, they can find what they need to register here:


Finally, here, again, is the link to the press release that went out today(8/18/2010) on this topic.


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