Lakes-L Blog Request – from Bill Jones

Help us celebrate NALMS’ 30th Birthday

I ask NALMS members to send me a brief description of what NALMS means to you or how NALMS has influenced your life.  I want to include these “reflections” or “memories” in the Fall issue of LakeLine in which we will celebrate NALMS 30th birthday.  You still have time to send me something (July 15) and I can publish your submission anonymously if requested.

As another angle at getting responses from readers to include in this celebration issue, I am also requesting members to send me a description of the most unusual or funny experience you’ve had at a NALMS Symposium.  This could be a fun page of remembrances to include in this celebratory issue.  And if you send me some old photos or images to accompany your submission, I promise to return them to you promptly.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Oh, I’m only sending this to about 100 NALMS members who are on my contact list.  Please forward this to your own NALMS colleagues who I likely missed in this e-mail.

Thanks,  Bill

William W. Jones; Editor, LakeLine

Clinical Professor; School of Public & Environmental Affairs; Indiana University

Bloomington, IN  47405 – (812) 855-4556

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