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2010 Wisconsin Fishing Report offers latest fishing forecasts, tips for success

Report available online now and in print

MADISON – Time to start planning that first fishing trip for the coming inland fishing season.

Read the 2010 Wisconsin Fishing Report online or get a printed copy to learn where the hottest fishing action will be this year.

The 2010 Wisconsin Fishing Report is now available online and is loaded with fishing forecasts from waters across the state, helping anglers find the kind of fishing experience they most enjoy.

The report is available at Department of Natural Resources service centers and regional offices, and will be inserted in the April edition of the Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine, which may be purchased online.

The regular inland season opens May 1; fishing licenses for the 2010-2011 season are now available online, from license sales agents, and from DNR service centers and regional offices.

“It’s time to get back out on the water,” says DNR Secretary Matt Frank. “We hope our annual Fishing Report can help lure even more people out to enjoy what’s a great Wisconsin tradition and a great activity to do with family and friends.”

It's shaping up to be another great fishing season, judging by this bass captured by DNR crews on Cherokee Lake in March 2010 during annual surveys. Find more fishing forecasts in the 2010 Wisconsin Fishing Report, out now.
WDNR Photo

The report features 10 pages of forecasts submitted by local fish biologists and technicians, most of whom report the results of recent fish population surveys, habitat improvement projects, and what both will mean for fishing prospects in the coming season.

The report also contains a variety of tips to help anglers improve their success fishing, including articles that will help anglers conquer the Mighty Mississippi, which offers the greatest variety of sport fishes anywhere in Wisconsin and features year-round open season for most of them.

New this year: a “flip book” format that makes the publication easier to read online, and archived versions of the report dating back to 2006.

“Our 2010 report contains more of the information anglers ask us for: Where the big fish are, where the best action is, and what they can expect from their favorite fishing hole,” says Karl Scheidegger, a Department of Natural Resources fish biologist who leads DNR’s fisheries’ outreach efforts and was the report’s primary editor and graphic designer.

Scheidegger hopes that after reading the report, anglers will take a few minutes to answer a short online survey. “We're always looking for ways to improve the report,” he says. “Let us know what you think and how we can make it even better.”

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Karl Scheidegger (608) 267-9426

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