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National Water Quality Monitoring Council hosts it’s Seventh National Monitoring Conf.

The National Water Quality Monitoring Council (NWQMC) will host its

Seventh National Monitoring Conference –

Monitoring From the Summit to the Sea

April 25-29, 2010

Denver, CO

The conference will focus on the many facets of water quality and water

quantity monitoring for improved understanding, protection, and

restoration of our natural resources and communities. It will also

provide a unique forum for water practitioners from all backgrounds –

including governmental organizations, volunteers, academia, watershed

and environmental groups and the private sector – to exchange

information, develop skills, and foster collaboration and coordination.

USGS, EPA, NOAA, and state scientists and others will showcase new

findings on the quality of the Nation’s streams and groundwater, and

highlight recent innovations and cutting-edge tools in water-quality

monitoring, assessment, and reporting. The conference’s location in

Denver, Colorado will also provide a forum to showcase western water

monitoring issues, including sustainable water management, effects of

wildfires, and efforts to evaluate the effects of climate change on

water quality, quantity, and aquatic ecosystems.

More information is available at:


Anne Weinberg

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Communications Coordinator

Assessment and Watershed Protection Division


Mailing Address:                            Off. Location & Fed Ex


Mail Code 4503T                          1301 Constitution Ave. NW

1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW            Room 7417K

Washington, DC 20460                 Washington, DC 20004

Phone: 202-566-1217 Fax:      202-566-1333

Email:    weinberg.anne@epa.gov

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