Low Lakes Levels have proven to be a test for Wisconsin’s Northern Lakes

Low Lake Levels stories, web pages, and Links. It's very important to Lake People in the Northern WI.


Above a recent story on Drought and lakes in Wisconsin and Minnesota:

Check out Wisconsin DNR's page on Lake Levels:


For what its worth, this is not necessarily a unique situation to many northern lakes. Seepage lakes throughout the north central and northeastern part of the state have been experiencing low water levels for the past several years due to a prolonged drought cycle, and residents throughout the area are raising similar concerns about boating and shoreline use. The link below may be a source of useful information – a workshop on this very topic was held in Eagle River on May 2nd, 2009 and the various presentations and background materials are available for you to peruse. http://wisconsinlakes.org/events/09may_lowlake.html


Another resource on Low Lake Levels in the Northern Lakes was a Workshop at Minocqua Last months


Work down the page to:

07.28.09 | Our Changing Lakes: Low Lake Levels in Northern Wisconsin (Part 1)

A Northwood's lakes workshop held on July 28, 2009 at The Waters of Minocqua in Minocqua, Wisconsin, addressed low lake levels in Northern Wisconsin. Lake organization leaders, county and town officials, water resource professionals,
waterfront property owners, and other lake enthusiasts were invited to attend. The morning session included presentations by: Tim Asplund, Wisconsin DNR State Limnologist, on factors affecting water levels and recent trends in Northern Wisconsin’s lakes; Dan
Vimont, Co-Chair of the Climate Working Group for the Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts, on recent climate trends in Northern Wisconsin; Paul Juckem, Hydrologist at Wisconsin Water Science Center, on current research in groundwater and surface
water interactions; Susan Knight, Aquatic Biologist for UW-Center for Limnology, on changes in habitat with declining water levels; Steve Ave’Lallemant, DNR Northern Region Fisheries Coordinator, on how water level fluctuations affect fisheries.

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07.28.09 | Our Changing Lakes: Low Lake Levels in Northern Wisconsin (Part 2)

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